Arts and Sciences Championship Rules

These are the Tir Mara Arts and Sciences Champion Rules for 2018.
The Championship this year is planned to take place in the Barony of  L’ile du Dragon Dormant at the Baronial Investiture Anniversary on March 3rd.


The Tir Mara Arts and Sciences Champion will be expected to encourage the Arts and Sciences within the Crown Principality and to see to the running of the competition to find their successor.  The person who takes 1st place in the Championship will be the Princess’ Champion, while the Prince will determine the Prince’s Champion.



Entrants may enter a single substantial pre-17th century item, or a body of work consisting of related items that are connected to each other in a significant and meaningful way. A body of work will be judged as a single “item”. Items can be from a single discipline or from multiple disciplines.

Performance pieces are welcome but must be kept under 15 minutes for scheduling purposes.

Entries should be accompanied by a short paragraph (up to 300 words) summarizing their work for those visiting their entry. Space provided may be restricted

Written documentation is required for all entries. At minimum, all entrants are asked to produce a half page of written summary, providing an overview of their entire entry. The written text should not exceed five pages of 12 pt font. This length does not include endnotes, photos, or the bibliography. Additional information and references should be included in appendices.

As Tir Mara is a bilingual Crown Principality, it is strongly encouraged to provide documents in both English and French. At the very least, the short summary accompanying your entry should be provided in the other language. Translation of a document may be required for judging purposes

Judges will be provided with judging sheets. These sheets will be tabulated to determine the Princess’ Champion. The judging sheets will be released a later date.

Letter of intent
To be sure there are adequate judges and space, please send a letter of intent to arnottam at gmail dot com by 24th February with your name and a quick sentence explaining your entry. Space may be limited so please indicate if you will require more than 70cm of table space. Please indicate if your piece is a performance, or if you require electricity, or other considerations.