Arts and Sciences Championship Rules

These are the Tir Mara Arts and Sciences Champion Rules for 2024-2030.

The Tir Mara Arts and Sciences Champion will be expected to encourage the Arts and Sciences within the Crown Principality and to see to the running of the competition to find their successor.  The person who takes 1st place in the Championship will be the Princess’ Champion, while the Prince will determine the Prince’s Champion.

Important to know

The judging of the A&S Tir Mara Championship is rigorous and aims to prepare any craftsman for the research process and to produce documentation. The judging grid is based on the Eastern Kingdom Rubric and follows the same judging method. These regulations will be valid until 2030. Small modifications will be possible and will follow those in the EK Rubric.


Tir Mara Arts and Sciences Champion Rules

The entrant must reside within the boundary of the Principality.

The Tir Mara Arts and Sciences Champion will be expected to encourage the Arts and Sciences within the Crown Principality. Their presence may be needed to help the Championship find their successors.  The person who takes 1st place in the Championship

(score of documentation) will be the Consort’s Champion, while the Prince will determine the Prince’s Champion. If the Prince is not presence, the Laurel present will determine it, if it is a tie, the score of the documentation will prevail.

For those wishing to enter the Tir Mara A&S competition, the rules are as follows: The entry may be one item, or a collection of related items, that have not been previously entered in any Tir Mara level competition. Each entry can be either an object (book, clothing, footwear, box, etc.) or a process piece (an experimental approach to how something was made rather than about the object itself). The entry submitted must be from the hand of the entrant only.

Each entry must be consistent with a pre-1600 date and can be from any culture within Europe or from a culture that traded with a European society. This can include Asia, North Africa, etc. Entrants will fill the entrant’s form prior the event.

Entries should be accompanied by a short paragraph (up to 300 words) in both English and French summarizing their work.

To be more inclusive, artisan can choose one or the other:

Category A

No documentation is needed but the artisan has to answer the A&S questionnaire in both French and English. They will receive feedback on their work and can win the title of Prince A&S Champion.

Category B

Artisan produce a documentation and answer the A&S questionnaire in both French and English. Each entry should be accompanied by documentation showing your progress, research, conclusions, etc. Documentation should not exceed 7 written pages with additional pages for pictures and references. As Tir Mara is a bilingual Crown Principality, it is strongly encouraged to provide documents in both English and French.

Artisan (both category) will need to send a copy of their documentation and the answered A&S Questionnaire 2 weeks prior to the Cham-pionship to for judging preparation.

A neutral translator may be available to translate and may required for judging purposes. Artisan can win Consort’s A&S Champion or Prince Champion.

Letter of Intent should be sent to: one month prior the A&S Championship. The Letter of Intent must have the following information, who you are, your contact information, what you are planning on entering (the more details the better to help judge the space needed). When I receive your Letter of intent , I will send a reply indicating that I have received it.

Additional Information

***Kitchen facilities maybe provided by the autocrat, artisan need to check with them. All food, beverage and cosmetic entries must have a full ingredients list to avoid allergies.

***Use of smart phones or computers to show image or references is permitted but not required.

***We will not be able to judge any research paper at this time. Thank you.

A&S Display

Not everyone wish to be a Champion, to be scored, so non-contestant are warmly encouraged to DISPLAY their works for the delight and amazement of the populace. You can also e-mail me to ensure you have a spot for your display, if available by the autocrat of the event.

Judges and translators

You will need to answer the judging form, and write your preferences. Documents of the entrants will be sent to you by e-mail for judging purposes. You will also receive a copy of the judging sheet. prior to the Championship. At the A&S Championship, you will be provided with judging sheets. These sheets will be tabulated to determine the Consort’s Champion. The judging sheets will be released a later date.

Thank you for sharing your art.

Mistress Cellach Dhonn inghean Mhic an Mhadaidh.