Getting Involved

Every group is made up of the talents, dedication, joy, interests, sweat and determination of it’s people and Tir Mara is no exception as you can see in our stories and songs, guilds and armies and growing Baronies and Shires.

There is no one way to participate but there are many things available for you to do.  Here are just a few things we have that may be of interest:

SCA Newcomer’s Portal: A great place to learn about the SCA! (this page will take you off site)

Households: While these have no official status in the SCA, people of like mind or interest often form such groups. Here are only a few that exist in the principality.

Guilds and Armies : Usually more structured and themed than SCA households. While we do not have many in the principality right now, there has been growing interest and starting a new one is always an option.

Regional Citizens: Some people have taken the time to showcase some special interests, maybe something here might inspire that next project?

Vacancies: Check the officer listings for any vacancies. These are typically East Kingdom deputy positions and would need to be applied for with the Kingdom officer. (East Kingdom Help Wanted Page)

Mailing Lists, Groups and Social Media: While discussion groups on forums and social media are considered “unofficial”, these places still provided a great place for people to collaborate and/or socialize while sharing a common interest.