Tir Mara University Schedule

The Tir Mara Universities will be rotated between an East Region:
shire of Avonmore, shire of Lyndhaven, barony of Ruantallan)

and a West Region:
fief du Bois Ardent, baronnie du Havre des Glaces, baronnie de L’Ile du Dragon Dormant). 

Bids should go to the local curia of the group looking to hold the event with a copy going to the Tir Mara Seneschal:

If a bid is not put in for an event by one of the groups in the rotation 3 months prior to the desired time (year), the groups from the other rotation shall have the opportunity to do so. The rotation will not change the next year, the region unable/willing to put a bid in will miss that rotation.

2019 West
2020 East
2021 West