The Royal Heir’s Regalia

We would love to recognize all the people who have come together with all their talent and hard work to create regalia for the Crown Principality of Tir Mara. Below are photos along with names of our many artisans who made them.

Tir Mara Royal Heir’s Cloaks

 The Tir Mara Royal Heirs cloaks were made and donated by Baronne Shadiyah al-Zahra’ and Baron Arthur de Beaumont.
They are made of linen, and lined with fine silk. The embroidery is of cotton thread. Over twelve feet of cord was made by Arthur. The results, as you can see, were well recieved!

History: Her Majesty Avelina, when sitting as Princess of Tir Mara, commented that it was sad that no regalia was available for the Prince and Princess to wear whenever they were attending an event outside of Tir Mara. So, Arthur and Shadiyah decided to craft two
cloaks that would be light and easy to wear as well as transport. These were given at Court, on January 25, at Birka.

*photo, cloaks being presented at Birka 

Tir Mara Banner

Many a Monday sewing night was dedicated to the design and creation of the new Tir Mara banner. Organized by Baronne Estela du Frayse, the contributors were as follows:
Baronne Estela du Frayse
Lady Isolda Fairamay
Lady Nerina of Sparta
Lady Aveline d’Amiens
Lady Mawdlyn Atwater
Lady Isabel Westrose
Lady Marian le Canard of Ruantallan
Lady Delyth Verch Aeron Lady Eufemme Bran Uasa d’Ordith
Lady Briana
Lady Sileas Ni Dhomhnaill
Lady Mary Elizabeth

The Populace of Dragon Dormant also made a Tir Mara banner that travels with their Highnesess.

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