Order of Precedence


The Order of Precedence is a ceremonial order of rank or preference, especially as observed on formal occasions. Within the SCA individuals with different awards are given a different level of precedence. Individuals with the same awards are placed in the order based on the dates their award was received.

Below is a complete list of how the Order of Precedence is determined, this is only meant as a quick reference, for more information, please see (link offsite):

 Royal Peers
Duke/Duchess– ruled a kingdom twice
Count/Countess– ruled a kingdom once
Viscount/Viscountess– ruled a principality once

The Bestowed Peers
The Orders of Chivalry, the Laurel, the Pelican, Rose, and Defense

Landed Baronage 
Territorial Barons and Baronesses
Retired Territorial Barons and Baronesses

Members of Orders of High Merit
The Orders of the Maunche, Silver Crescent, Tygers Combattant, Sagittarius, Golden Rapier, Golden Lance, Golden Mantle

Court Baronage
Court Baron or Baroness

Grants of Arms

Armigerous Orders
Silver Rapier, Silver Tyger, Silver Brooch, Silver wheel, Apollo’s Arrow

Award of Arms

Orders of Honor
The members of the Queen’s Order of Courtesy, King’s Order of Excellence, Tyger’s Cub, Terpsichore, Troubadours, Tyger of the East, Order of Gawain

Other East Kingdom Awards
Order of the Burdened Tyger, Queen’s Cypher, King’s Cypher, Blue Tyger Legion, Queen’s Award of Esteem, King’s Award of Esteem, Order of Valor of the East, Award of the Golden Lyre, Augmentation of Arms, Company of the Pennon of the East, Award of Gilder

Members of Baronial Orders