Arts and Sciences Championship Rules

** Below are the rules for 2016, these may, or may not change for 2017,  stay tuned for updates on rules for the next Tir Mara A&S Championships!



These are the Tir Mara Arts and Sciences Champion Rules for 2016, written by Lady Cellach Dhonn inghean Mhic an Mhadaidh.
The Championship this year is planned to take place in the Shire of Bois Ardent on September 24th at the Feste des Bois.


The Tir Mara Arts and Sciences Champion will be expected to encourage the Arts and Sciences within the Crown Principality and to see to the running of the competition to find their successor.  The person who takes 1st place in the Championship will be the Princess’ Champion, while the Prince will determine the Prince’s Champion.




Each artisan should submit two physical items of their own work made within the last two years.  The items should be in two different disciplines, not just two techniques within the same discipline.  If you have question as to whether the items meet this criteria contact Lady Cellach Dhonn inghean Mhic an Mhadaidh.

As the site has a liquor licence, alcoholic potables may be entered.  No kitchen facilities are available for the competition.  Unfortunately pure research papers cannot be entered.  Performance entries are limited to 15 minutes.  The schedule for performance entries will be made available the day of the event.  Entries that have previously won a Tir Mara or East Kingdom competition cannot be entered.


The judges will be provided with the East Kingdom judging sheets.


Written documentation is required for all entries.  The main written text should not exceed five fully page of 14 point font (not including end notes and some pictures).  Additional information and references should be included on additional pages.  Additional documentation may accompany the entry.

As Tir Mara is a bilingual Crown Principality, it is encouraged to provide documents in both English and French.  A minimum requirement, a one page summary of the documentation should be available in the other language.  Translation of a document may be required for judging purposes.

Judges will be provided with judging sheets based on the EK East Kingdom Arts and Science Competition Score Sheets: