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C’est un grand plaisir pour moi d’annoncer que Maîtresse Tadea Isabetta di Bruno a accepté l’intérim du sénéchalat de la Principauté administrative de Tir Mara.

Comme j’ai écrit plus tôt ce mois-ci, j’accepte les candidatures pour la position de sénéchal de Tir Mara. Il est préférable que les postulants possèdent de l’expérience comme sénéchal.

Svp, envoyez-moi vos candidatures à avant le 1er décembre 2017.

La liste des candidats va être envoyée aux sénéchaux et barons/baronnes de la Principauté pour recevoir leurs commentaires.


Katherine Barr, East Kingdom Seneschal

Tir Mara Crown Principality Seneschal position

Greetings unto the Principality of Tir Mara from Mistress Katherine Barr, East Kingdom Seneschal.

I am accepting applications for the Tir Mara Crown Principality Seneschal position. It is preferred that applicants have past seneschal experience (at the local level is fine).

Please send your applications to me at by November 15, 2017.

The list of applicants will be sent to the Principality seneschals and landed barons and baronesses for their comment.

Thank you.

Katherine Barr

East Kingdom Seneschal

Tir Mara Populace Badge Committee News, message from the chair!

Unto the good gentles of the Crown Principality of Tir Mara, greetings!

My name is Lord Conn mac Branain and I am the chair of the Tir Mara Populace Badge Committee. Tir Mara has been without a populace badge for far too long and it’s time something was done to rectify that. The committee formed in June as the end product of a discussion on the Tir Mara Facebook group. We spent the time since then in discussion as to how best go about the process. We now have a process in place and with the approval of the Tir Mara Seneschal and Their Royal Highnesses, we are ready to move forward. The committee includes people from all three Baronies and every Shire in the Principality; some are heralds, some are not.

Because this badge will be the populace badge for Tir Mara, we feel that involving the populace is key. To that end, we are inviting submissions from the populace. Anyone living in Tir Mara can submit their idea for a badge. After a reasonable period for accepting submissions has passed, the committee will vet all the submissions, and those that pass the vetting process will then be subjected to a poll of the populace to narrow the field down to the one badge that will be submitted to the College of Arms.

Here is the process in detail:

From today, 16 October 2017, until 30th November 2017, anyone living within Tir Mara may submit their design for a badge. All submissions are to be sent to the Tir Mara Submissions Herald, Blue Alaunt (address here ). Submissions may be in electronic format or sent by snail mail. All electronic submissions for the populace badge MUST have ‘Tir Mara Populace Badge’ in the subject line or they will be ignored. All snail mail submissions for the populace badge MUST have ‘Tir Mara Populace Badge’ on the submission itself or they will be ignored. The regular submission forms are not required, either in electronic or snail mail format – we just need to be able to easily make out what design it is you are sending us. SEND NO MONIES.

From 1st December – 31st December, submissions will be vetted by the committee.

From 1st January – 31st January, the populace will be polled as to which design they would like to have as a populace badge.
It is important to note that this is a poll and not a vote. The Crown has the final say in what is adopted as a badge; just like a poll for a Baronial coronet, or one of the Orders of High Merit, the decision rests with the Crown. It is much easier for the Crown to make a proper decision if they have information. That’s why we’re polling the populace, to present the Crown with data showing the desires of their people.

In February, the numbers will be tallied, the results announced, and the paperwork submitted to the College. Once that happens, we wait until the badge has gone through the normal process for commentary and decision as with all other heraldric submissions.

Lord Conn mac Branain
(email )

The Royal Gifts Chest issues a Tir Mara wide challenge

**If anyone has a French Translation, please let me know!

The Royal Gifts Chest issues a Tir Mara wide challenge.

On behalf of Ioannes and Honig, soon to be the Royal Majesties of the East Kingdom, I, Lady Cellach Dhonn inghean Mhic an mhadaidh, Royal Gifts staff, am writing to you, to ask for your help in filling the Royal Gifts Chest with Largesses.

I’ve got an idea of a challenge between Tie Mara groups that could be fun and usefull for everyone.

Tir Mara Dirty Dozen Largesses Derby

The main goal is to make, create and donate items to be use as largess for TRH Ioannes and Honig.

Who can participate: The Royal Gifts Chest challenges each Baronies, Shire and Canton in Tir Mara to rally theirs members and friends to create and donate items.

Basic rules are:
All entrants must make, create and donate 12 items based on a theme that are suitable for largesse.

12 needlebook
12 hats (same or different period)
12 rings
12 fibula
12 leather pouch

All entries must be tagged and ready to be gifted the day of the Challenge.

TRH wish to display the talents of all artisans in Our Realm. Largesse may reflect the Love and Levity theme of Their Reign, but that is not an expectation. Please, no home-made soaps, oils, spice mix or food gifts for this Reign. TRH personal color preferences for Their Reign are blue, gold and black.

Each artisan that enters a entries (12 items) will have their name on a ballot to win a prize. 5 entries, 5 ballots.
You don’t need to do 12 items if you don’t want to. All largesse will be accepted and offered to TRH.

Distribution of the gifts, will be has follows:
To put a little competition, fun and incentive into the process, the group that their members and friends who donates more largesse will receive a gift basket. This gifts basket will be made with one of each entry .

All other largess will be given to TRH Ioannes and Honig.
End of the Challenge Beltaines, june 24th, 2017

Please include an info card with the donation listing your SCA name and group name. Donations are gladly accepted at all Royal Progress Events. If you have any questions, please contact me at: or on FB.

Thank you again for your time and talent to serve the East.
Cellach Dhonn

**The mail address has been removed from this missive, however it was on the original announcement, please contact her for this information. 
Thank you. 

a change to fencing rules

Hello Fencers!

There is soon to be a new update to the Society Rapier rules that will require off the head helmet inspection. Padding or an appropriate suspension system will be required from the time it is published. Start checking your gear now to update it before it is mandatory.

The details can be found here:

Maître Borujin Acilaldai
Adjoint de Rapier
Tir Mara Ouest


Photos for Chatelaine Office/Photos pour l’Office du Châtelain

English | Français

Photograph Grant of Use Form/Permission d’autorisation des photographies **Forms Page Link

Photos for Chatelaine Office, October, 2015

Greetings to all,

I am Norah Gregoire most of you know me by my SCA name. I am Lady Cellach Dhonn inghean Mhic an Mhadaidh and I am currently the Tir Mara Deputy Chatelaine.

My goals for my first term are to translate the EK Chatelaine web site in French and to start a bilingual Tir Mara Press folder.

Demos are important for recruiting new members. The EK Chatelaine web site has a lot of informations, but all of it is in English. So to observe Quebec laws; flyers, handout and promotional handbook need to be in French. I think that in spring 2016 most of the EK web site will be bilingual. The Press folder is started but will occupy most of my time next year.

What I would like to include in the Tir Mara Press Folder is group flyers and a presentation of SCA, East Kingdom, Tir Mara , local groups. I need photos to start the Press Folder and to do some promotional flyers.

Where I can use your help:
For each photo I need you to fill the requested form. You will find it attached.

In particular, I’m looking for photos of :

  • Tir Mara fighters
  • Tir Mara fencers
  • Tir Mara archers
  • Tir Mara artisans
  • Tir Mara dancers and musicians
  • Feast
  • Royalty attending an event or Court
    (Photos of all people in action will be preferred)

If you have a group promotional flyer could you send it, it will go in the Press Folder.

Photos, forms and group flyers can be sent to:

Thank you for your help, if you need more info don<t hesitate to ask.

Best regards,

In service,
Norah Gregoire
Tir Mara Deputy Chatelaine

decorative line

Photos pour l’Office du Châtelain, Octobre, 2015

Bonjour à tous,

Je suis Norah Grégoire connue dans la SCA sous Lady Cellach Dhonn inghean Mhic an Mhadaidh. Je suis présentement Député Châtelaine du Tir Mara.

Je me suis fixée comme objectifs à réaliser dans mon premier mandat à traduire le site du Châtelain du Royaume de l’Est et de commencer un document de Presse bilingue pour les groupes du Tir Mara.
Nous avons besoin de dépliants promotionnels, de dépliant de groupe et un document de Presse que l’on pourrait utiliser lors des démos.

Les démos sont un excellent moyen pour recruter de nouveaux membres. Le site internet de L’Office du Châtelain du Royaume de l’Est est intéressant et utile malheureusement toutes les informations et documents sont en anglais. Pour être conforme aux lois du Québec, il était nécessaire de traduire en français pour permettre aux groupes du Québec d’y avoir accès. Je crois que la majorité du site sera traduit pour le printemps 2016.

J’ai besoin de photos pour faire le document de Presse du Tir Mara ainsi que des dépliants promotionnels pour le Tir Mara.

J’ai besoin de votre aide :
Pour chaque photo soumise, l’autorisation de photographies doit être remplie. (Vous la trouverez
Attachée à cette lettre).

J’ai besoin plus particulièrement des photos de :

  • Combattants du Tir Mara
  • Escrimeurs du Tir Mara
  • Archers du Tir Mara
  • Danseurs et musiciens du Tir Mara
  • Artisans du Tir Mara
  • Festin
  • Royaux participants au festin, à une Cour, ou à une activité
    (Les photos de personnes s’adonnant à leurs activités seront privilégiées)

Si votre groupe possède un dépliant promotionnel, pourriez-vous me l’envoyer afin que je puisse l’inclure dans le dossier de Presse.

Les photos, les autorisations de photographies, le dépliant promotionnel de votre groupe peuvent être envoyés à :

Je vous remercie de l’attention que vous porterez à ma demande. Si vous désirez de plus amples informations, n’hésitez pas à me contacter.

En service,
Norah Grégoire
Député Châtelaine du Tir Mara