The Royal Gifts Chest issues a Tir Mara wide challenge

**If anyone has a French Translation, please let me know!

The Royal Gifts Chest issues a Tir Mara wide challenge.

On behalf of Ioannes and Honig, soon to be the Royal Majesties of the East Kingdom, I, Lady Cellach Dhonn inghean Mhic an mhadaidh, Royal Gifts staff, am writing to you, to ask for your help in filling the Royal Gifts Chest with Largesses.

I’ve got an idea of a challenge between Tie Mara groups that could be fun and usefull for everyone.

Tir Mara Dirty Dozen Largesses Derby

The main goal is to make, create and donate items to be use as largess for TRH Ioannes and Honig.

Who can participate: The Royal Gifts Chest challenges each Baronies, Shire and Canton in Tir Mara to rally theirs members and friends to create and donate items.

Basic rules are:
All entrants must make, create and donate 12 items based on a theme that are suitable for largesse.

12 needlebook
12 hats (same or different period)
12 rings
12 fibula
12 leather pouch

All entries must be tagged and ready to be gifted the day of the Challenge.

TRH wish to display the talents of all artisans in Our Realm. Largesse may reflect the Love and Levity theme of Their Reign, but that is not an expectation. Please, no home-made soaps, oils, spice mix or food gifts for this Reign. TRH personal color preferences for Their Reign are blue, gold and black.

Each artisan that enters a entries (12 items) will have their name on a ballot to win a prize. 5 entries, 5 ballots.
You don’t need to do 12 items if you don’t want to. All largesse will be accepted and offered to TRH.

Distribution of the gifts, will be has follows:
To put a little competition, fun and incentive into the process, the group that their members and friends who donates more largesse will receive a gift basket. This gifts basket will be made with one of each entry .

All other largess will be given to TRH Ioannes and Honig.
End of the Challenge Beltaines, june 24th, 2017

Please include an info card with the donation listing your SCA name and group name. Donations are gladly accepted at all Royal Progress Events. If you have any questions, please contact me at: or on FB.

Thank you again for your time and talent to serve the East.
Cellach Dhonn

**The mail address has been removed from this missive, however it was on the original announcement, please contact her for this information. 
Thank you.