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Champions of Arms

Prince’s Champion 
Pelandres dit le Frère
Spurius Genucius Rutilus 2014
Robert Gower 2013
Angus McHaley 2012
Pellandres dit le frere 2011
Llewellyn ab Olwyn 2010
Conrad MacAllyn 2009

Princess’s Champion
Rheinhart Basarad Draculesti 
Pellandres dit le Frere 2014
Cornelia van der Brugge 2013
Perceval Gower 2012
Robert Gower 2011
Spurius Genucius Rutilus 2010
Conogan mab Rioc 2009

Champions of Rapier

Prince’s Champion
Barnabus O’Pheylan
Jonathan Rankin O’Rose 2015
Borujin Aciladai 2014
Rowan Fergus 2013
Guthfrith Yrlingson 2012
Cosmano Piero Michelotto da Roma 2011

Princess’s Champion
Cosmano Piero Michelotto da Roma
Barnabus O’Pheylan 2015
Mikhail Vladimiroff 2014
Jonathan Rankin O’Rose 2013

Champions of Archery

Princess’s Champion
Kirsa Oyutai 2016
Arthur de Beaumont 2013

Prince’s Champion
Katherine Murray 2016
Gnaeus Aurelius Andronicus 2013

Champions of Arts and Sciences

Princess’s Champion
Katherine Murray
CellachDonn MhicanMhadaigh 2015
Inga Torgansdottir 2014
Mergriet van Wijenhorst 2013
Margret “Greta” Thorfinnsdottir 2012
Diarmit O’Brien 2011
Donal O’Neil 2010

Prince’s Champion
Maud de Brasebridge
Sile Dhubh 2015
Katherine Murray 2014
Katherine Murray 2013
Cellach Donn inghean Mhic an Mhadaigh 2012
Isolda Fairamay 2011
Ursion de Gui 2010

*With champions of Arms and Rapier, the Prince’s champion are those who placed first and the Princess’s places second while with the champions of Archery and A&S, the Princess’s champion place first while the Prince’s place second. 

**This list is incomplete and more information would be greatly appreciated. Please contact the if you have information to add.